Prof. Tali Treibitz

Heading the Viseaon Marine Imaging Lab, in the Department for Marine Technologies, Charney School of Marine Sciences, University of Haifa.


M.Sc student 2020-present
Motti Goldberg

I received my B.Sc. in optical engineering from Braude College.

I’m working on developing an optical system to characterize the properties of sea surface micro layer.

M.Sc. student, 2018-present
Yelena Randall

My research focuses on real-time monocular 3D image reconstruction that will be the vision element in a new obstacle avoidance system on the SPARUS AUV. I am a 2018 graduate of the University of Rhode Island (USA) with a B.S. in Ocean Engineering and a certified scientific diver. I am now spending a few years in the Mediterranean Sea working with Tali on my master's degree in Marine Technologies.

M.Sc. student, 2019-present
Naama Pearl

I joined the Marine Imaging Lab as a research assistant in 2018 and began my master's degree in Marine Technologies here in 2019. My research focuses on developing an algorithm for color restoration of underwater images. I am a 2019 graduate of the Technion with a B.Sc in Electrical Engineering.

Algorithms engineer and M.Sc. student
Deborah Levy

I received my B.Sc. in Electrical Engineering, Technion. For over three years I have been working in the marine imaging lab as an algorithm engineer. My work also includes experiments in the sea. Previously I worked as a board designer at Elbit. I’m also an experienced diver.

M.Sc. student, 2018-present
Judith Fischer

Currently I am working on my master’s thesis on extending the depth of field of the Benthic Underwater Microscope. The marine environment has always fascinated me and being a scientific diver increased the urge to get to know more about the ocean. Therefore, I made the decision to study Marine Technologies in Bremerhaven (Germany).

M.Sc. student, 2019-present
Ohad Inbar

I'm an experienced image processing algorithms and robotics engineer, I joined the Marine Imaging Lab to begin my master's degree in Marine Technologies in 2019, my research will focus on developing a visual odometry algorithm for an AUV.

Ph.D. student, 2017- present
Matan Yuval

My research focus is on development and implementation of image-based methods for depiction of the benthos. In my Ph.D. studies, I aim to decipher ecological phenomena as well as contribute to the scientific toolbox available for marine ecologists.


Lab engineer and manager
Aviad Avni

I am an engineer in the Marine Imaging Lab. After a long experience working in the industry (Intel), I joined the lab in 2016 to work on the design and operation of autonomous underwater vehicles. I am responsible for the operation of SPARUS II AUV and ECA A18D. I am also a ROV pilot and an experienced diver.

Algorithms Engineer
Opher Bar Nathan

I joined the Marine Imaging Lab after graduating Electrical Engineering at the Technion.

Algorithms engineer
Yuval Goldfracht

I received my B.Sc in Electrical Engineering, Technion and MSc at the Marine Imaging Lab, focusing on improving the visibility range in underwater images. Before joining the Marine Imaging Lab, I worked in Intel as a circuit engineer in the Core group specializing in implementation of logical circuits.

Software Engineer
Ilan Mardix

I am a software engineer and I specialize in automated flows, IT related solutions and integration of HW/SW systems. I worked for Intel from 1999 to 2016. I have a B.A. degree in science from the open university.

Practical Engineer in Marine Technologies
Leonid Dehter

I am certified in Mechanical and Electronic Practical Engineering. I joined the Department of Marine Technologies in 2016. I am responsible for the execution of various underwater imaging experiments and tests, the construction, development, assembly and testing of underwater systems. I have experience in the design and development of systems in SOLIDWORKS, as well as assembling, wiring, soldering, electric and mechanical testing of prototypes. I am a certified ROV Pilot Technician and AUV Technician.


Project Manager
Amir Dayan

I’m the Marine Imaging Lab Project manager.
BSc. Degree in Marine sciences, Ruppin Acad.
Practical engineering Degree in Mechatronics, Ruppin Acad.
Product design Diploma, Hit Acad.
With comprehensive training & experience in Sailing, diving, and Marine sciences operation.
With great passion to Marine robotics & technologies, 3D printing, CAD modeling, renderings and mechanics function to form design.



Yael Bekerman
M.Sc. student 2019-2020

I received my B.Sc. in Electrical Engineering from the Technion-Israel Institute of Technology in 2011 and my M.Sc. in Electrical Engineering from Tel Aviv University in 2020. My research interests include computer vision and image processing with a focus on physics-based image restoration.


Dana Berman
PhD student, graduated 2018

My research focused on enhancing images taken in scattering media (both in haze and under water), using only a single image.
I am currently an algorithm developer at SAIPS, a Ford Motor Company, developing algorithms for autonomous vehicles.


Eden Sassoon
M.Sc. student 2017-2019

My research was about modeling flare in snapshot hyperspectral cameras.
I currently work as an algorithms developer for a new startup company.


Dotan Shreiber
M.Sc. student, graduated 2019

My research focused on developing a novel underwater imaging microscope for quantifying micro-particles on the sea surface. My research was multidisciplinary, combining electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, and marine sciences. Currently, I am working at Zerto as a computer programmer. The company focuses on platforms for disaster recovery, backup & cloud mobility.


Derya Akkaynak
Post-doc 2015-2018

I worked on the formulation of an underwater-specific image formation model, which paved the way for the Sea-thru algorithm. Additionally, together with all members of our lab, developed a multi-spectral animal-eye camera to “see” the underwater world the way non-human animals do. I am currently at Harbor Branch Oceanographic Institution in Florida, developing bio-optical algorithms for underwater imaging.


Adi Zweifler
M.Sc. student, graduated 2017

In my master’s project, I designed a fluorescence camera specifically for the use of in-situ daytime surveys of coral recruits.
Currently, I am a PhD candidate at the University of Western Australia in Perth, Australia. My research focus is coral reef ecology, conservation and management. I now study the unique and less studied turbid reef systems of Exmouth Gulf, WA, for a better understanding of coral reef response and resilience to climate change and anthropogenic impacts.